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So, it's been like, forever since I've posted anything period. Finally fixed my Dreamwidth account thing up, so let's christen it with a quick run-down of all the shit that's happened...

November 2011: Got together with my boyfriend. It's the sweetheart guy I had talked about before. We started talking again and things just snowballed from there :) Went to Denver with him to visit his sister for Thanksgiving. And smoked a lot of weed while there lolololol.

December 2011: Got fired from my job at the sports bar. Apparently, everyone on the staff knew for an entire week before it happened, and another guy that worked there almost got fired for trying to tell me about it. Spent the nest month and a hald blowing through my savings and being emo, but having a nice month and a half of relaxing.

February 2012: After spending almost two months applying for job after job, suddenly three people called me back all at once. I went into this nice Italian restaurant one day after a dr. appointment, filled out an application, had a quick interview, was hired on the spot, and started the next day. The next day I had two other jobs call me back, and for a while I considered taking up two jobs, but decided not to. I was originally hired as a host, but my manager decided to cross train everyone.

Second big thing that happened in February, my boyfriend said I love you for the first time. I was just sldkfhsiuaiekhiushqjewkhf;AKHFGIERHJhwejdAKSJ;;FHSYGHFJDHK;WJFakjsdfhdhgsdi SO HAPPY. I had wanted to say it to him for a long time, and was so happy when he said it first. It meant a lot, because he's never really said it to anyone before, and he was really nervous of having a long term relationship because a lot of girls had screwed him over before. I also ended up telling him the whole story about my crazy ex.

Finally, third big thing that happened in February, although it's kind personal and probably tmi, I'd been having issues with my female type thingys, and right around Valentine's Day, it got really bad. I started freaking out, because I had pretty much all the signs of a miscarriage. I pretty much broke down emotionally for a few days and even ended up bawling at work when a server started bitching at me. And, my boyfriend knowing how bad I was feeling, surprised me on Valentine's Day when he picked me up at work with a bouquet of roses he had hand picked (in his own way, i.e., picking different colored roses out of different bouquets and pretty much making one from scratch) with some white, pink, red, and one tie-dyed colored one which I kept even after they all died.

March 2012: Major life changing event that proves my massive dumbassery - I totaled my car. It was bad. Really, really bad. I was being really fucking stupid and I didn't stop at a stop sign, which led to a giant SUV T-boning me. It was weird, because they always say things happen in slow motion, and it really did. When the car was spinning out, I watched the entire hood of my car slowly peel away and the windshield splinter up. Luckily I had my windows down, cause the doors were completely stuck and I ended up having to crawl out through them. I wasn't hurt terribly bad, but I fucked my knee up and there's still a massive bruise there. There's a long scratch up my arm.

I was so freaked out, oh my gawd. My mom wasn't answering her phone and my it happened right down the road from my gramma's house but she was out of town. I ended up trying to call almost all my family members until my aunt finally answered and came to get me. My gramma, who's not really really religious but still goes to church and yeah, actually, she's pretty religious, asked me if I was thanking God when the wreck was happening.

And no, not really lol. I was thinking more along the lines of 'OH SHIT MY CAR MY BABY NOOOOOOOO. REWIND REWIND REWIND.' Anyways, I ended up having to scrap my car.

Idk, things honestly kinda suck right now. I'm broke as fuck, I have to figure something out about a new car in the next few months, I need to study for my AP exam, I'm working a lot more than I actually want to and keeping up with school is getting kind of hard, I'm trying to figure out things for college and where I want to go for sure and financial aid and whatnot. I filled out my FAFSA last week, a few days before the deadline
master procrastinator right hurr and the estimate of how much I'll get from a Pell Grant and a student loan is more than enough for next semester. I'm not 100% sure on how it works, but if I'm right, what I'm going to do when I get my loan is use some of it to put a down payment on a car, because hey, I need that for school too. But, on the plus side I graduate in June. When I'm done with school I'm gonna start looking for another job and just work my ass off this summer and save up. And, I'm probably gonna go see Tom Petty later this month, so I'm pretty excited for that.

Anyways, I'm done ranting right now 'cause I don't really have anything else to say and yeah, I'm done. I'm gonna try to update more, but eh, the only thing that really hasn't changed is that I'm still boring as fuck lol.

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